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The Management



Rich Holtzin
New Mexico Space Technology Applications Research Group
rich at nmstarg dot com


Albuquerque, NM. May 23, 2012  —  NMSTARG, the New Mexico Space Technology Applications Research Group, located in Albuquerque, NM, will benefit tremendously from the successful launch yesterday of the Space X Dragon 9 spacecraft, according to their founding members.

"We congratulate Space X (LINK) and wish Elon and his gang great luck in the difficult mission ahead," said Joe Maness, the space engineer of the group. "Every little success that they have means success for us. We all learn and grow from one another," he said.

Rich Holtzin, the Business/Marketing researcher and the other founding member, was very upbeat and optimistic. "We are very excited, and along with Joe, I wish them well in this daunting adventure," he said.

When asked how this launch relates to their research, Maness responded, "Launching spaceships is still not a routine event. We are all trying to figure out how NASA did it, and on a fairly regular schedule at that. Nevertheless, we know it can be done ... it has to be done, sooner or later."

Holtzin agreed, and added "What they've learned over the last few years we can apply to our ideas. It also saves us a lot of money, since we don't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak."

NMSTARG is a space technology research company that is tasked with creating a comprehensive space program using off-the-shelf technology paid for by the extraction of lunar commodities.


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