Please be advised that this website has been archived and will no longer be updated. The 20 chapter technical paper and the business plan is only in its first draft and is therefore rendered obsolete. There have been many changes to the design and direction of the paper.

For a detailed treatment of our space concepts as High School S.T.E.M. projects, please visit:

The Management

How a High School Technology Class Saved the World

Still under construction...


  1. The Google 9th Grade Starter Kit and it's contents
  2. Chromebook + Power Cord
  1. Chrome OS
  2. Chrome Browser
  3. Google Apps
    • GMail
    • Camera
    • Calendar
    • Scratch Pad
    • Files
      • Folders
      • Downloads
      • Google Drive
        • Docs
        • Slides
        • Sheets
    • Chrome Store
      • Screen Capture
      • Image Editing
      • Other free software
Advanced Software
  1. BlogSpot website development
  2. Embedding Hyperlinks
  3. Uploading and Embedding Images
  4. Labels
  6. Publishing and Embedding Docs, Slides, and Sheets
  7. Uploading and Embedding YouTube videos
S.T.E.M. Project
  1. Crowdfunding the current 8th graders their Google 9th Grade Starter Kit for the following school year
  2. Monitoring the crowdfunding effort

After 4 years, the student has a history of their experience at their school on a website. This now becomes an electronic portfolio, letting potential colleges and employers find out what makes this person so unique and special.


Parental Involvement
Students email parents when they have class assignments posted on their website. Parents get to leave a comment on their child's website, thus fostering Parental Involvement. Even relatives that may live on the other side of the planet can leave a comment!

Community Involvement
The class S.T.E.M. project will have many sponsors from the local business. These sponsors may want to leave comments on the website, fostering Community Involvement.

Student Accountability
Maybe with everyone watching them, students may be motivated to do better in school, thus fostering student accountability.

The bottom line is that either way, no matter what happens, it's good for the local businesses, it's good for the community, it's good for the school, it's good for society, and it's good for the students.

Gee, no wonder the high school technology class saved the world...


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