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The Management

Executive Summary


NMSTARG - New Mexico Space Technology Applications Research Group

To develop a comprehensive and viable space commercialization program blueprint that utilizes reuse and commonality to achieve affordable and profitable spaceflight.

Our group will be tasked with taking ideas we have developed and complete a business plan that can be used to make a substantial amount of money in space. Our plan has brought us to the brink. We will then take our innovative concepts to the next level by answering important questions that just one person working alone cannot answer.

For example, we need a steady and copious amount of liquid hydrogen. Which companies can handle the needed supplies? Is it possible to ship this large amount of cryogenic fuel to Spaceport America? Our plan calls for Reaction Engines, Ltd to build the space plane. However, since they are having difficulty attracting investors, who can build this complicated spacecraft for us? These are the types of questions that our group will answer in the coming year.

Once complete, the business plan will act as a blueprint for who to spend money on and how much gets allocated. We can hit the ground running and gain valuable time on development, with this proviso in mind: instead of taking four or five years to develop and fight test needed vehicles, it should take us no more than three years. Our projected timeline will make efficient use of both time and money and get to the selling stage that much quicker.

Although the owner of NMSTARG conceived his aerospace mission many years ago, the decision to market the company was made public in 2012. In view of the timely announcements of other and slightly similar endeavors, NMSTARG decided against a niche market scheme. Instead, the plan was to formulate a complete aerospace ideal, a Gestalt approach, covering every aspect of space exploration, with the immediate goal of mining on the moon. The operation, when funded, is currently estimated in an approximate three-year envelope, and not the eight to ten-year speculation figures of those operations desiring to mine asteroids.

To date, there has been nothing offered in space exploration that remotely comes close to NMSTARG’s conception. While NASA has thus far proven itself in the aerospace industry, its missions have been costly, both in the loss of human life and materials, also utterly time consuming. Mostly, its operation relied on expendable rocketry entailing all facets of launch and recovery.

Where NMSTARG’s planned operation greatly differs from NASA, as well as recent newcomers (i.e., Virgin Airways, Space X, Planetary Resources, and some few others), is its non expendable use of materials. In other words, rocketry that launches and returns to Earth. Ergo, there is no need to jettison and lose any equipment. What’s built here returns here. It’s as simple as that!

Although start-up costs are high, the return on the investment is as expedient as it is an overall savings of billions of dollars. The bonus is how our investors will repeat an estimated 500% on their initial investment––at least that much!

NMSTARG’s entire mission to and from the moon is precise as it is methodical in every detail. For instance, our planned mining operation that includes building a complete processing station on the lunar surface using available resources (i.e., hydrogen and water). Amazingly, the rocketry used in NMSTARG’s operation is off-the-shelf technology from the 1970s! The difference is using technology and innovative techniques that were never used in that era.

The fact that all aspects of NMSTARG’s operation is not hampered by government controls, such as the political and budgetary hurdles NASA constantly faced, implies a smoother, quicker and less expensive operation from start to finish.

Another salient proposal of NMSTARG’s operation are plans to launch sixteen missions a month! This means four missions a week using a fleet of vehicles. In short, why build just one or two space craft, when it’s much cheaper to build many at the same time? Some of the space craft are used for earth orbits, others to the moon. NMSTARG’s estimated cost to fully implement the operation is approximately $60 billion.

Because NMSTARG operation is an admitted far-reaching enterprise, scores of industries and suppliers are required. Namely, those companies specializing in building rockets, tracking operations, fuel, rovers and similar robotic vehicles, space suits, and myriad others in the lengthy process. America has the technology. America has the manpower. America has all the key players already in place to take a truly giant step forward and create an entire new paradigm that is thus far unprecedented in the aerospace industry.

NMSTARG not only conceived and built a better mousetrap, but does not intend killing the mouse! We are a complete sustainable industry from start to finish in any phase. Although there is an admitted huge outlay of cost to fund this project, the savings is extraordinary over a much shorter window of time compared to conventional aerospace industries. NMSTARG did its homework: we know the math, we know the engineering, and we can back up our proposed idealism.

Currently, the aforementioned projects offer missions to outer space that is in various facets of their specialties. Some operations offer passenger service, though, again, very limited in scope and costly in the final analysis. Others are geared for mining operations, both lunar and asteroids. In every respect, these specialized mining operations may appear timely as far as scheduled launches go, even a boost to America’s sagging economy. The fact is these ideas are years out from completing their proposed missions.

While the operational costs are certainly lower than NMSTARG’s, specifically planned start-up costs, in the long run there is too much waste of materials. Therefore, it becomes a costly investment by thinking and planning in the usual business sense. Namely, expendability costs for the sake of seeming quick profits today, and of course primarily geared to investors. In the long run, there are really no-cost savings with such outmoded ideas.

NMSTARG’s paradigm proposes a new mindset regarding space exploration in any phase. Namely, creating a comprehensive operation that saves on material costs. In short, the non expendable factor that launches rockets in all phases of its operation and returns the equipment. This philosophy guarantees huge savings in capital investment. By building the rockets and all equipment with this ideal in mind, and
going beyond the conventional and frugal approach, what’s past is essentially not prologue. What helped get us to space in the past is no longer viable in any respect.
Our ideal comes down to this pivotal point: NMSTARG can design better rocketry that promotes safe launches and safe returns, including safeguarding the most valuable benefit to space exploration: human life.





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