Please be advised that this website has been archived and will no longer be updated. The 20 chapter technical paper and the business plan is only in its first draft and is therefore rendered obsolete. There have been many changes to the design and direction of the paper.

For a detailed treatment of our space concepts as High School S.T.E.M. projects, please visit:

The Management


We will be using the crowd source entity in the near future for our initial funding solution.

Here is a first draft of the funding that we intend.

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These figures of course will change by the time we are ready to launch.

We will use the funds to complete the business plan, set up the business, and begin marketing to raise the $10B that we need to actually begin our space venture. We will sell 2,000 $5M tickets to go into space for a week. The ticket-holder will also get their money back before they fly, as an added incentive.

To raise the $50,000 for our startup, we intend on selling 500 chances to win a trip into space for one week. Each chance is $100. There will be 10 winners in all. That means that each ticket has a 2% chance of winning.

In addition, each investor will receive 1,000 times the total investment back. If you bought one ticket, you will receive $100,000. If you bought 10 tickets, you will receive $1,000,000 form us!

A DVD of the documentary we will produce of our efforts will be given to each investor.

We will update this page when new information needs to be presented.

Stay tuned!

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