Please be advised that this website has been archived and will no longer be updated. The 20 chapter technical paper and the business plan is only in its first draft and is therefore rendered obsolete. There have been many changes to the design and direction of the paper.

For a detailed treatment of our space concepts as High School S.T.E.M. projects, please visit:

The Management

Founding Members

Name: Richard Kerry Holtzin

Education: Western and Eastern Philosophy, Ph.D.

Position: Executive Director, Founding Member

Life Experiences: Educator/Guide with the Grand Canyon Field Institute, Northern Arizona University and Yavapai College; Ecotourism owner/operator

Flight Experience: Commercial Pilot (Left and Right Seats)

Email: rich at nmstarg dot com


Name: Joe Maness

Education: B.S. Applied Mathematics, University of New Mexico

Position: Director, Founding Member

Flight Experience: USN Backseat S-3A, 102 Carrier landings, ultralight pilot

Email: joe at nmstarg dot com


Name: Webmaster

Education: Computer Programming, website development, multimedia applications

Position: Information Technology Specialist, Founding Member

Flight Experience: N/A

Email: webmaster at nmstarg dot com