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Rich Holtzin
New Mexico Space Technology Applications Research Group
rich at nmstarg dot com


Albuquerque, NM. April 24, 2012 — James Cameron and Planetary Resources made a huge splash in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery at the Museum of Flight (LINK). We asked the New Mexico STAR Group for their assessment of the proposal that was just unveiled.

"It's a great start; it really is," said Rich Holtzin, an NMSTARG (LINK) founding member and business marketing researcher. He hesitated as he continued. "This really is a turning point in privatized space exploration, and it just has to be done right the first time. Otherwise, billions of dollars are wasted, and we're no better than the government in handling affairs."

Joe Maness, another founding member, agrees. Addressing this point further, he stated, "While we're definitely in agreement with the idea of mining extraterrestrial bodies, asteroids seem to me to take too much time and not enough money to tackle the problems that will be encountered as you move forward with such a huge undertaking as this. What launch vehicle are you going to use? What orbital transfer vehicle will you use to get all your mining equipment there? Since expendables are not sustainable in the long run, when do you make the transition to re-usable craft? These are questions we have already addressed."

Holtzin said he was is convinced the markets will eventually come around to their way of thinking. "It's inevitable. Moreover, space exploitation is going to be an expensive proposition no matter how you slice it, and reusable vehicles are the only path to sustainable rocketry anything." Maness added, "You really cannot get by on the cheap and expect to sustain your endeavor for very long."

Holtzin also mentioned that the use of expendable rockets given Cameron's plan was proof of cautious thinking. He added to the remark, "We need to step up to the plate and get this thing done. If you are constantly thinking about money, then maybe you should rethink your involvement with the space program. On this point, we show how to get a tremendous return on investment, despite the enormous costs. They really need to come look at our research."

"Yeah," added Maness, chuckling;" all they lose is money." He then turned serious and said, "Nevertheless, the potential profit that can be made is too gigantic to continue to ignore."

NMSTARG is a space technology research company that is tasked to create a comprehensive space program using off-the-shelf technology paid for by the extraction of lunar resources.


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